Lena and Gretchen, an old boyfriend-lover of Lena’s, is actually waiting around for Stef for dinner from the a cafe or restaurant

Lena and Gretchen, an old boyfriend-lover of Lena’s, is actually waiting around for Stef for dinner from the a cafe or restaurant

They makeup and commence a relationship

Following the eating, Stef and you will Lena rebuked Mariana to be drunk, sleeping and destroying Jesus relationship if you are she put during intercourse. Stef and you may Lena advised Callie to-name her or him the next time.

The newest Riveras concerned school in order to theoretically pull Lexi off university. Karina and you can Lena had a dialogue about any of it, and you can Lena is worried she would be demonstrated facing the college board and lose her jobs.

Lena and Stef was indeed assaulting in the cooking area concerning the Lexi topic as well as how Stef put Lena from inside the an adverse condition. Jude interrupted and you will requested in the event the Connor could been more than for a good venture. Lena and you will Stef avoided arguing towards the go out. Later you to definitely evening in their bedroom Stef advised Lena they must not get to sleep annoyed in the one another. Lena did not operate. The following early morning the latest Riveras showed up selecting Lexi. It informed me you to Lexi packaged a case and you may kept domestic in the night time. Stef and you may Lena seated down on the Riveras in the house. It designed an intend to make an effort to get a hold of Lexi.

Love really does

Following the Riveras remaining, Stef and Lena composed into the settee, whenever Callie arrived house with Brandon. Callie seated off with Brandon and you may began discussing what occur to the woman which have Liam at the the lady prior foster household.

Stef and you may Gretchen hit it off also, nonetheless it annoys Lena. Stef invites Gretchen more than for lunch the following nights and therefore adds much more annoyances to have Lena who within the payback has actually Stef pay for the girl parking. During the family Gretchen is actually recalling big date which have Lena to Mariana. Mariana let it slip one the woman mothers were not married and you will a good dialogue in the gay relationships arose therefore troubled Lena. Stef began probing Lena in the why she did not share the lady desire in-marriage so you can this lady. Upcoming Lena scolded Gretchen which made a decision to hop out this is why. Just after she kept Stef asked Lena as to the reasons she did not share with the lady about how she sensed. Mariana disrupts them telling on the Jesus. This is why, Stef rushes to obtain this lady weapon while Lena issues the girl procedures. If you’re Stef was at Ana’s, Lena issues Mariana in the life style a rest. It afterwards leave to pick up Jesus.

Lena and you may age day, Lena get a trip regarding Mike, in which he informs her in the Stef. They immediately push on the aided medical. Lena puts the lady anger and her concerns towards Mike in the Stef bringing decide to try about blaming it towards the him. Lena check outs Stef soothing their the children is actually secure.

Immediately following the woman check out, an excellent flashback was found from how Stef and you can Lena fulfilled. Stef was enrolling Brandon to the a fundamental college or university you to Lena performs. Lena demonstrated the lady a tour of your school. Following, Stef is confused about this lady sex as it took the woman a few years to find it. Mike and Stef was basically splitting up as well as on the newest brink of an excellent divorce. Stef demonstrates to you so you’re able to your you to she actually is gay and you may she found anybody. This can lead to an eventual separation and divorce. Lena tells Stef you to definitely she won’t get involved in a married girl, however, Stef reassures the lady one to she advised everybody you to definitely she’s a lesbian.

Reports are later since the the brand new functions succeeded and you may she have a tendency to survive. Lena check outs Stef inside her helped place. Stef gets right up, removes her fresh air mask and you may asks Lena in order to get married me. Lena joyfully allows. Stef’s concern regarding the Mariana encourages Lena to take into consideration their. The second morning, other family relations come back to the hospital. Mariana, effect such as for instance no one wants the woman doing, try seated exterior up to Lena sat at the side of this lady. She shows you you to her strategies would be to mature, and you can she failed to need checked visits. Lena conveniences her claiming “DNA doesn’t make children. ” Lena and you can Mariana accept.

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